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Charlotte's House

This is a home that we had to completely replace the roof for. We also fixed the drain pipe. The woman here, Charlotte was very nice and we spoke for a while after.


Catherine's House

This was a residential project we did, and we completely re-did the entire roof. This was in Georgia and the woman, Catherine needed her roof fixed fast.


Georgianna's House

This was a Multi-Family service, where we did multiple homes in the area. This is one of many homes for a woman named Georgianna. 

2021-08-21-15-41-32-230 (1).jpeg

Davis's House

This is another project that we did in New Orleans. Davis needed his roof fixed after the hurricane and we also fixed his drain pipe.


John's House

John, who just bought a new house and wanted his roof redone since it was run down. We also did his flooring, and redid his entire roof including the garage.


Amelia's House

This is one of my family members homes, who hadn't had their roof done since she got her home. We redid their roofing and fixed her drain pipes.

auntie chews house.jpeg
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